Monday, January 7, 2008

How To Make a Spiritual Potion

Potion. The word creates images of gnarled old hags around a big cauldron muttering rhymes. The fact is anyone can make a potion if you know how to do it. I usually work with two types of potions: one for house and the other in the form of a "bath" for a person. Sometimes using one is enough but at other times when a deeper cleansing is called for both types are used.

Since potions involve water it is important to realize that water is not just a factor in bathing but a spiritual cleanser and healing agent as well especially if the water is blessed. You can add some holy water if you choose but you have within yourself the power to bless water to make it more powerful. All you have to do is say a prayer you believe in over the water and declare the purpose of the water.

This being said I will begin with a house cleaning potion. The simplest one uses a Rose of Jericho which you can purchase at your local New Age shop. You place the rose in water and when it expands, use the water to sprinkle about your house and used the rest for mopping. The Rose of Jericho potion is used to aright financial problems. The second type of potion is for ridding your home of negative energies and general calm.

Use an old quart pot that you have cooked with. Since the pot was used to lovingly cook for those you love or for yourself it is imbued with power already. Choose a pot you will not have to use for cooking anymore so you have a "cauldron" of your own. Place water in the pot and say a prayer over the water to bless it. In the pot you want to place a dash of amonia, about a quarter cup of salt, rosemary sage and thyme. You can find these spices in a common box of poultry seasoning. Pour a little bit of cologne into the pot and heat on high. When the ingredients are boiling, lower the flame and allow the potion to simmer for about fifteen to twenty minutes. When the potion has cooled, strain it and use the water for mopping your floors and for sprinkling around your home. This in addition to smoking your house by opening your windows and burning sage will change the ambiance of your home.

For yourself, fill the cauldron with water and bless it as described above. Add a quarter cup of salt, sage, garlic skins, onion skins and slices of apples. Do as described above. Take your bath or shower and then slowly pour this mixture all over your body from head to toe. Allow yourself to air dry and do not rinse this off until the next day when you bathe. You will feel much better. I usually advise doing both rituals three days in a row and then once a month thereafter. As for the gnarly, old hags do not buy into this stereotype. Witches are young as well as elderly and many of today's Witches are professionals. Some doctors and lawyers, among others now following Witchy paths and work with potions as well.

Take action and responsibility for your spiritual health by using potions when you feel edgy or sad and you will feel the difference.

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