Friday, January 11, 2008

How To Jumpstart Your Day

We all have days in which we feel stuck. Being in a negative rut is an uncomfortable place and we can get sucked in, feeling as if we cannot shake the personal demons that plague us. There are a few ways to combat this state of mind-they are simple to do and can jump start an otherwise bad day into a better one.

One thing you can do when you wake up is say, "Today is my day to shine," whether you feel you can or not. You see, words have power and when you speak aloud you are sending energies into the Universe. Under the Universe's stewardship, your day will begin to feel better. Get into the shower and as you rinse off the soap envision negativity being washed away, going down the drain and into the sea. Water has healing properties if you know how to use it.

Meditate, even if it is only for five minutes. During those five minutes you are taking back your focus and you can carry this with you all day. Before meditating, light a candle for yourself. Take a few minutes and pray for just yourself. You deserve it.

Go out with friends. Friends have your best interests at heart. Get together with them on a weekend morning and do something fun. Don't share your funk, though. The idea is to be revitalized. Talking sends vibes into the Universe that can come back to haunt you. Make up a mantra you can say like, "I am blessed. I am amazing." Are you amazing? You bet you are! Life throws some curve balls and if you are still standing, you are a champion and you ARE amazing!

Sometimes getting out of a funk takes some work. "Bad" days can linger for a while and you really don't want to spend day after day in a negative place. You can take charge of your day, every day, by denouncing a day that is troublesome and creating a better one using the tools above.

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Kim said...

My Dearest Sister Cate! First of all, please forgive me for my *LONG* silence and lapse in communication! I've been a very absent friend, for which I apologize. It's been a magnificent time of growth and healing for me, personally and spiritually. This article is a wonderful reminder and example of the many fabulous tools we can keep in our personal growth tool boxes to make our days bright and beautiful! Bravo, as always! I promise to be a better corespondent! :) I hope you're well and happy!

Love and Blessed Be!