Monday, August 13, 2007

Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world of magic! My world is a place that is blessed with the winds, water, earth and fire to help me in my everyday path of walking with my Goddess, Hecate. To those of you that are Pagan you understand my world. For others this may not make sense but I assure you that those that walk the path trust their goddess as much as any other person might trust their god.

To walk the Pagan/Witch path is to accept accountability and responsibility for what we sow as a result of our own actions. You see somewhere along the line we chose an action that spiraled into our future for good or not. This path is a tough one at times because we must hold harmless those that we might like to blame. Whatever our youth was we can choose to be the best person we can be and show compassion to all living things, human and animal alike.

Surprised that my post on my magical world deals with responsibility? Real magic cannot change reality with a wand. Real magic can change reality with a wish, a hope and a dream that we are prepared to labor for. Wishes do come true, dreams feel closer and days feel magical when you walk the Pagan path because you become connected to everything around you. You are part of the circle, or Wheel, of life and as important as anything else in this circle.

Magic is feeling the power of a breeze and knowing that sometimes your
goddess is whispering in your ear. Magic is the exhilaration of a bond fire dancing in the darkness of night. Magic is the cleansing of body and soul through water and it is the comfort of Mother Earth when standing barefoot upon the grass.

My magical world has faeries, spirits and Poseidon himself as my spirit father.
My magical world believes in miracles and because I have believed in them I have seen them. My magical world is my security blanket and as comforting as a feather bed.

Welcome to my magical world. As you allow me to share my thoughts with you I wish you blessings! Blessed Be!

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